Mr. Burnett is a remarkable pro se advocate who has taught himself the legal process in prison.  Against all odds, he has managed to keep his appeal alive in spite of a racially biased Judge who has stifled and inhibited him to a full and fair legal process.
What also makes his case unique is that he has documented evidence that his indictment and conviction is a product of fraud.

We invite you to read Dennis Burnett’s story, listen to his interview, and peruse the documents for yourself to determine if you think  his indictment and conviction was just, and/or was fraud committed by the United States Attorney who prosecuted him

F.I.A.M. endeavors to shine light on what has been in the dark for decades. We believe Mr. Burnett’s case is that beacon of light. We ask for your help in exposing this atrocity to the public and hold these corrupt attorneys, prosecutors, and judges accountable for their actions.